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Infertility Treatment in Nepal

The Infertility Center was established in 1992 as a Reproductive Health Care Center (RHCC) but later specialized as an Infertility care and Hormone research center. The major objective of the center is to provide complete infertility investigation and treatment to infertile couples.
By now it has provided service to about twelve thousand infertile couples of which more than four thousand have been blessed with children.
It also cares obesity, breast abnormalities, hirsutism and acne like disorders. The center has also provided hormone therapy to more than thousand of different hormonal abnormalities in men, women and children (prepubertal and pubertal) who have been benefited by this specialized treatment.


  1. Thanks for sharing this informational blog post with us. In the IVFtreatment procedure normally begins by monitoring a woman’s ovulatory process which starts by transferring or removing ovum or ova from the ovary of the woman. When natural cycle of any woman is monitored to collect an egg for an ovum then it is termed as natural cycle IVF.

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